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Items filtered by date: April 2017

Items filtered by date: April 2017

By Vincent Fong


With effect from 1 April 2017, the China Government has reduced official fees concerning trade mark registrations by 50% as follows: -

New trademark fees


Bad faith trade mark filing is considered one of the major problems plaguing the China trademark system. It is expected that the reduction of official fees will encourage bad faith filers to file more applications. Unlike many other jurisdictions, China is a first-to-file jurisdiction. All trademark owners should consider filing their trademark in China as soon as possible to protect themselves and avoid becoming a victim of bad faith trademark registration.

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OLN’s partner Anna Chan, and associate, Jonathan Lam were invited by the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries to present on the topic of “Safeguard the Board from Email Scam: Asset Recovery and Protections” on 10th April 2017. The 1.5-hour seminar drew over 180 attendees and they were given an overview on various remedial measures and protection procedures in view of the increasing prevalence of email scam. The seminar also touched on protection of board and company secretary, a topic which is of major concern to the attendees as professional company secretaries.

You may download the presentation slides below.

Final Collage


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